Feel All The Chills From THE LITTLE PRINCE Trailer #2 (VIDEO)

When an animated film geared towards the family plays to raves at the austere Cannes Film Festival, you know it’s something special. This latest trailer for THE LITTLE PRINCE, an independently produced 3D animated feature, delivers on that praise, capturing the genuine magic and wonder that so many films reach for yet so often miss.

Its use of multiple animation styles helps, but there’s a consistent tone woven throughout them (at least in this trailer) that binds it all together. Plus, we really feel the gravity of the themes here, particularly in how the mother’s early line to her daughter “You’re going to make a wonderful grown-up” comes off as chilling, even in spite (or especially because) of how maternally affirming its expressed. Then, to hear that same exact line tagged at the end but expressed in a completely different context, well, wow. The Little Prince holds the promise of taking us on a deep, emotionally fulfilling journey.

Between this and Steven Spielberg’s The BFG, next year looks to be a very rewarding one for family films in general – and ones revolving around young girls especially.

The Little Prince opens in the spring, March 2016.

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