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To see just how unreliable even the most convincing conspiracy theories are, watch this.

In a compelling 12-minute presentation, someone has concocted the theory of how filmmaker Robert Zemeckis actually predicted the 9/11 attacks throughout the Back To The Future films – over a decade before the attacks even happened – and then confirmed that’s what he was doing in October 2015.

Now it’s all completely bonkers, mind you, not to mention literally impossible (unless you buy that Zemeckis is working on some metaphysical plain not bound by space and time and consciousness, or is a time-traveler himself), but it’s also entirely mesmerizing. As it unfolds, you just have to sit there in stupefied, eerie awe of what this guy has spun.

Still, if there is one intentional connection by Zemeckis throughout all of this, it has to be the comparison dissected at the 6:35 mark. Now I gotta say, that seems too clear to be coincidence.

(Thank you, Kevin Reitz, for sending this my way.)

2 thoughts on “BACK TO THE FUTURE Predicts 9/11 (VIDEO)

  1. So, If I get this straight, and there were a lot of big words, so I might have missed something, but I think what he’s saying is that if we all watch The Walk on our touch screen devices, we can open up a portal to go back in time to stop 9-11? But what he doesn’t cover is what happens to the Back to the Future trilogy. If its sole purpose was to warn us about 9-11 and we cancel 9-11, does Zemekis even bother making the films? #mindblown

    1. Right?! Yeah, if Zemeckis was consciously warning us, then he failed at his one job.

      Of course the whole thing is ludicrous and can’t be remotely believed. But it is fascinating. For me, the best purpose of a video like this (despite being impressively entertaining) is to debunk conspiracy theories in general. If you can make something like this – which is total BS – that compelling, then clearly it’s even easier to make a conspiracy theory in most other cases that at least have a shred of possibility to them.

      I don’t think the intent of the guy who made this was to debunk conspiracy theories, but it’s the net result for me. Plus a weirdly fun 12 minutes.

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