It’s BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY: October 21, 2015


Today’s the day when, at 4:29pm Pacific Time, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel from 1985 to our year 2015.

BTTF fans will be celebrating in a variety of ways all day, most notably with screenings of the entire trilogy in theaters across the country (yes, I will be attending).

If you’d like more BTTF news, go down memory lane, and see what PART II actually got right (or close to), check out full coverage at USA TODAY (of course).

And apparently, editions of Thursday’s USA TODAY (when all the hoverboard action that makes national news is reported) will have alternate BTTF inserts to make as your main page.

Now all we need is a BACK TO THE FUTURE: PART IV to explain what Marty and Doc did – and when – to make our real 2015 end up not being quite what it was supposed to be.

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