The magic is back, with all the feels.

My goodness, the new (and first full) trailer for Mary Poppins Returns not only boasts the artful movie magic you expect from a Disney sequel 54 years in the making, but it has an unapologetic sentimental power that packs a genuine emotional punch (rather than a cheap, manipulative one).

Emily Blunt steps confidently into the iconic shadow of Julie Andrews‘ Oscar-winning role (in a performance that may give Blunt a nomination of her own). Just as Andrews did, Blunt somehow (magically?) imbues heartwarming charm to a dryly comic sternness.

The sequel also doubles-down on the old style 2D animation of the original rather than “modernizing” it into 3D, another wise and very welcome choice. (Disney also release a great throwback poster, too. See below.)

If the final movie delivers on the complete and total satisfaction of this trailer, we may be looking at the biggest hit of the holiday season — and possibly a new classic.

From director Rob Marshall (Into The Woods, Chicago) and co-starring Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Lin-Manuel MirandaMeryl StreepColin FirthAngela LansburyJulie Walters, and (yes!) Dick Van Dyke, Mary Poppins Returns flies its kite into theaters this Christmas on December 25, 2018.



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